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Glacier Dog Sled Tours

Take an adventure to Alaska’s Punchbowl Glacier

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1 hour 45 minute Alaska Glacier Dog Sledding Tour

May 15th – August 31

Adult: $549.00 | Child: $499.00

8:30 am • 10:15 am • 12:00 pm • 1:45 pm • 3:30 pm • 5:15 pm

How long is the Glacier dog sledding tour?

The dog sled tour is 1 hour and 45 minutes hour long.

How long is the scenic flight to the glacier?

The scenic helicopter flight to the Alaskan glacier is approximately 10 minutes.

How long is the mushing portion of the tour?

You will mush the dog sled team for approximately 2 miles.

How many people can go at a time?

This dog sled tour is limited to 9 people. Larger groups, however, can be accommodated. For more information on having a large group up at our glacier, please call us at 907-224-8607.

What should I wear on the glacier?

We highly recommend having sunglasses while up on the glacier. We also recommend dressing in layers. A good windbreaker is also recommended, as it can be quite breezy on the glacier. Depending on the weather that day, the glacier can either be incredibly warm or it can be quite cool. By dressing in layers, you’ll be prepared regardless of the weather. We can provide sunglasses, gloves, boots, and jackets if you do not have your own and we have many sizes to choose from.

Will I be allowed to drive my own sled?

Our sleds are designed in such a way to give you the feel of driving your own dog team. Our guide, however, will always be with you.

When should I arrive for my tour?

You should arrive at least half an hour before your scheduled tour time, so that we may go over our safety briefing.

How far is Girdwood from Anchorage?

Girdwood is about a half an hour from Anchorage.

How often do you cancel tours due to weather?

We rarely cancel tours and if we do cancel a tour, it is usually only one specific tour time. If you have flexibility in your schedule we are typically able to put you in on another tour time.


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