When a person goes dog sledding in Seward Alaska in the winter, it is important to be well equipped. This is serious business, and harsh weather conditions can occur. When dog sledding tours happen in snowy climates, precautions must be made, and preparations should be set in place for the most optimal experience! I am going to put together a checklist that you can go over when you decide to embark on your dog sledding adventure.

Your Clothes

It is crucial to dress for dog sledding in Seward Alaska. Not having the right clothes on can put a damper on the exciting experience that is dog sledding. You will be around a lot of snow, so it is important to dress warm, and in water and windproof clothes. (You will be going kind of fast.) You must also make sure to have the proper footwear to avoid wet or cold toes and feet. Here is your clothes checklist to consider before a sled trip!

  • Insulated winter coat. You can layer up. A fleece-jacket under a wind and waterproof shell works too.
  • Insulated snow pants. If they are not insulated, you can put leggings or long-johns underneath.
  • Sunglasses or snow goggles to protect your eyes from the sun and wind!
  • Waterproof winter boots (at least ankle length) with wool socks. They can be synthetic wool too. (Only wear one pair of socks though, do not double down and put more than one pair of socks
  • on top of each other because that can rub your foot raw.)
  • Thick hat/beanie that goes down past your ears.
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Scarf

Other Items

Clothes aren’t the only thing that you should bring on your dog sledding adventure. It is important to stay hydrated, bring warmth supplements and other invaluable items for your journey, especially if you are going on multi-day trips! Here are some more essential items to bring on your dog sledding escapades in Seward Alaska.

  • Toiletries – toothbrush / toothpaste / medications
  • Water bottles
  • Hand & foot warmers
  • Towel
  • Flashlight with back up batteries
  • Sleeping bag
  • snacks
  • Bag to put it all in

If you are going on multi-day trips, make sure that you bring enough clothes, food, and water for that amount of days. Nothing can ruin this magical time faster than not being prepared, and it is very easy to take these steps! If you keep this checklist handy for your next dog sledding trip, you will have a good ole’ time; it is as simple as that.

Now Get to Dog Sledding!

Over here at Seavey’s Ididaride, we want to ensure that you have the dog sled trip of a lifetime right here in Seward Alaska. When you decide to pop on over and adventure, our sled tours are one of the best places to begin. Ididaride dog sled tours give you an intimate, front-row seat at the many different sights all around this mountain town, and now you have the master checklist to ensure you have the best time possible!