When you make your way over to the Great Frontier, the far side of the world that is Seward Alaska, there are some important bucket-list items that some people may miss. Alaska is full of breathtaking beauty and nature sites that are unlike many others found around the world. Make sure that you are fully aware of all the exciting and fun summer things to do when you are visiting Seward Alaska.

Kenai Fjords National Park

This breathtaking park is open to the public year-round, but drivers must park their cars during the winter and spring months due to excess snow. Make sure that you know what the conditions are before journeying to this park. Visitors can always check out the Exit Glacier Nature Center, but the weather must permit for entrance to the Exit Glacier Area.

Harding Icefield Trail

Adventurous trail travelers should consider Harding Icefield Trail and winter route. This is open to foot traffic only however, no pets or bikes allowed right now. This hike is a chilled, 8.2-mile round trip trek that makes for a remarkable day-hike. You start first on the valley floor, winding your way through the cottonwood and alder forests, passing through heather filled meadows until you climb well above the tree line for a spectacular view of the icefield.

Peer into the past ice ages and glance into what life used to be. Marvel at a horizon of ice, snow and rock that expand their reach for miles all around you. Feel humbled as you gaze upon the lonely peaks that poke into the sky, ripping into the clouds, and dowsing the ground around it in shadow.

Quick Tip: Harsh conditions exist on this trail, expect to see snow along this trail even up until July! Ensure you are prepared by double checking the weather conditions and making sure you dress accordingly.

Alaska is also bear country! Be cautious when hiking to avoid cubs and their mothers. If you are noisy when you hike, this can help ensure that any surrounding bears don’t get startled by your appearance. Make sure you are always aware of your surroundings! Bear spray is advised for any hike.

Resurrection Bay

Resurrection bay is a fantastic adventure to take when you are looking for fun summer things to do in Seward Alaska. The outer stretch of the bay encompasses lush marine flora with jagged coves, islands and smaller bay area’s packed full of the North Pacific’s marine wildlife. 

Laugh along with the sea otters as they perform tricks and float on their backs in the cold mountain waters. Chuckle with the seals and sea lions as they waddle around, sprawl out on the foamy rocks and play with their pups. Try to spot the fowl as they float and perch themselves above the bluffs. You will also have the chance to see humpback whales in the bay, and on rarer occasions, you can gaze upon the transient killer(Orca) whales. (Source: Adfg.Alaska.Gov)

Quick Tip: You will want to dress in layers, as it will be chilly at Resurrection Bay. Throw on a rain jacket, and you’re ready for rain and harsh winds. Snacks could also be helpful on your journey, but make sure that you put the trash in your pocket or backpack.

Ididaride Dog Sled Tours & Cabins

Looking for a bit more structured things to do in Seward Alaska? Well, on your adventure through Seward, we recommend, of course, to visit Ididaride dog sled tours and cabins. Not only do you have your choice of winter AND summer adventures, but you also have the chance to take in the true Alaskan life by renting out one of our beautiful, mountain cabins. Lined with a rustic, old-timey feel, we really have put a lot of thought into the cabins. You’ll be left feeling warm and cozy in your temporary Alaskan home.
We give visitors a choice from three different cabins, each with charm and flair. All cabins include free WIFI, thermostat control, coffee, coin-op laundry, bathroom, and kitchen amenities. You can usually sleep two in a cabin, but the Abode Family Cabin fits more than four, comes with a full kitchen and a lot of space, while being barely 5 minutes from Seward. Which cabin will you pick for your adventure?
We are a family-friendly company that loves to share our summer dog sled tours. With three different tours available there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. The tours range from about 1.5 hours to 6 hours in length. These tours take you to an exclusive and exquisite part of Alaska not many get to see and end with a ton of dog pets, puppy cuddles, and love time. You can have photos taken of your group on the tour to add to the scrapbook, and ensure this memory stays perfect forever! There is always some new patch of Alaskan beauty to discover on a summer dog sled tour.

Quick Tip: Make sure you dress in layers for these adventures as well, the covered tours protect from rain, but weather conditions are always a factor in Seward Alaska!

So…Visit Seward Alaska!

There you have it adventure friends. Some and exciting summer things to do in Seward Alaska! Whether you hike the trails at Kenai Fjords National Park, whale watch at Resurrection Bay, or fly through Seward’s exciting nature paths on a dog sled tour, there is never a dull moment in Seward. Do you know of any other fun summer things to do in Seward Alaska? Please share with us here!