Have you ever wondered how to choose your dog booties for your precious pup? Maybe you found some but they’re too small or too big. How do you even put these things on? Wait where did the dog bootie go, it was just on her foot. Well, Mitch Seavey is here to help you choose the dog booties that are right for your dog as well as some tips and tricks to help put the booties on your dog and keep them on without hurting the dog.

Putting on Dog Booties

So I’ve gotten some inquiries lately about booties and how we use booties on sled dogs.
1. apply Young Living Animal Scents Ointment to their feet mostly between their toes. That preserves and keeps them soft and moisturized.
2. Have your booties arranged in sets, of 4 per dog. It allows you to keep more organized if you have multiple dogs.
3. Squeeze the dogs paw together
4. Use the finger you’re not using to hold the paw together to open the booty and slide it on.
5. Take the other 3 off and then tighten the strap
6. Make sure it snug enough that it won’t come off but not too snug that the foot might swell up
You can usually tell you have it on right when you only lose one or two off an entire team on a long run, but most of them stay on.

Selecting the Correct Dog Booties for your dog

Something to be mindful of when you’re choosing a dog bootie is that you get them large enough but not too big.
You want to have the booties big enough so that when the dog’s paw spreads out his toes can separate and not stay forced together. If they’re too big and floppy that the dog’s paw will slip around too much and lose traction. They need to be just big enough so that when the dog steps down his toes can spread out.

Wolverine was our model dog today. He will be in Seward to visit this summer during our dog sledding tours.