Best Alaska Sled Dog Tours

Dog sledding is the most popular thing to do in Alaska. Some dog sled tours involve helicopter rides, some dog sled tours you can drive to but one thing that is constant is that you will always have fun on a dog sled tour when visiting Alaska. Not only will you get to experience the power and enthusiasm of some of the worlds fastest dog sled teams, but there are also puppies you get to pet while on our tours. 

Dog sledding in Alaska has been a popular sport for generations, the Seavey’s themselves have been dog sledding in Alaska for 4 generations themselves. Mitch Seavey has story after story that he could tell you about the great Iditarod race and training with his team. 

Below there are some of our favorite dog sled tours in Alaska as well as some of the tours we offer.

1. Wilderness Dog Sled Ride and Tour

Location: Seward, Alaska

Highlights: Alaska Dog Sledding, Puppy Petting, History of the Iditarod

Time of Year: May, June July, August, September

The Wilderness Dog Sled Ride and Tour is by far our most popular Alaska dog sled tour. Why is that? You start by coming to the Seavey homestead where 40 years ago Dan Seavey, Mitches dad, homestead and started to train his first dog sled team. We will teach you the history if the Iditarod, get you on a dog sled and let you pet all the puppies!


2. The Real Alaska Tour

Location: Seward, Alaska

Highlights: Bus Tour, Exit Glacier Viewing, Dog Sled Tour

Time of Year: May, June July, August, September

Real Alaska Day Tour - Seward Alaska Tours - Joe by the Bus

The Real Alaska Tour is a special one, not only do you get to experience Alaska dog sledding as part of the tour, but you also get to see all of Seward. We will take you to all the fun locations that pique people’s interest, bring you to lunch where you will have a gorgeous view of the bay and of course… let you pet the puppies.


3. Glacier Dog Sled Tour

Location: Girdwood, Alaska

Highlights: Helicopter Ride, Dog Sled Tour, Glacier Viewing

Time of Year: May, June July, August, September

This dog sled tour is very unique. We put you in a helicopter to fly up to the Punchbowl glacier where you will get a dog sled team to drive around on the glacier. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity that you won’t want to miss. 


4. Exit Glacier by Dog Sled Team

Location: Seward, Alaska

Highlights: Mush your own dog sled team, Exit Glacier Viewing

Time of Year: November, December, January, February (depending on snow conditions)

For those of you that aren’t here for summer dog sledding tours, we have a treat with this one. You will get your own 5-dog team to drive on exit glacier. You don’t need any experience. Danny Seavey, your guide, will teach you all you need to know to embark on the greatest Alaska dog sledding tour of the winter. 


5. Drive Your Own Dog Sled Tour

Location: Talkeetna, Alaska

Highlights: Drive your own team, Visit Dallas Seavey’s Homestead, Learn real Alaska dog sledding

Time Of Year: Winter Months (Depending on winter conditions)

Visit the homestead of Iditarod Champion Dallas Seavey in Talkeetna, Alaska and tour his kennel of over 90 Iditarod sled dogs. Highlights include the hook-up, sled driving demo and a six-mile mush on the same trails that Dallas trains his Iditarod team on. Either pair up with another guest or ask for a professional guide to help you drive your dogsled team through the fluffy snow. 

6. Custom Dog Sled Tour

Location: ANYWHERE

Highlights: Custom Trip, Unique Experience, Mush your own dog sled team

Time of Year: ALL YEAR

If you’ve made it this far we’ve got something really special for you here. You can create your own dog sled tour, with a minimum of 2 nights, you will have an Iditarod runner guiding you through a custom designed Alaska dog sled tour. Each tour is different depending on the size, budget, and experience you are looking to get. No experience is necessary as your guide will teach you all you need to know for a successful and fun Alaska dog sledding adventure.