The Seavey Family

“Take care of your dogs, and they’ll take care of you.”

The Seavey family’s simple motto certainly seems to be working.  With three consecutive Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race championships, a tour recognized as the “Best Sled Dog Tour in Alaska,” a growing list of great-grandkids ready to carry on the family tradition, and the ability to support their family doing what they love, any Seavey will tell you they’re blessed.

Mitch Seavey
Mitch Seavey3 Time Iditarod Champ
Mitch Seavey competed in his first Iditarod in 1982 at the age of 22 and then turned his attention to raising sons Danny, Tyrell, Dallas, and Conway. In 1995, Mitch returned to the Iditarod (the first musher in 75 years to complete the entire Iditarod trail from Seward to Nome) and competed in every Iditarod through 2020. He has worked hard to be an innovator in every aspect of the sport and is one of the most competitive mushers out on the trail. Mitch won Iditarod in 2004, 2013 and 2017 setting the Iditarod speed record and becoming the oldest musher ever to win at the age of 56.
Check out Mitch’s complete Iditarod Race results:
Janine Jones moved to Alaska in 1976, just two weeks after graduating from high school in her hometown of Cary, NC. She met Mitch at a birthday party in Anchorage, and the rest is history. She has spent the last 45 years raising the boys, starting the family business, and helping Mitch prepare for 21 Iditarods. In recent years she has taken a passion to health, wellness, and nutrition.
Danny Seavey
Danny SeaveyGeneral Manager
Danny grew up helping Mitch train and race competitive teams much like Mitch did for his father. He and Safia have four children, Allikz, Emma, Cora and Jessen. He has run the Iditarod three times, but spends most of his time with his family and managing the family businesses. Danny, with lead dog Robin, has appeared on Ace of Cakes, Alaska State Troopers, Extremely Alaska, 1001 Places to See Before You Die, the film Big Miracle and more. Danny also writes and posts updates during the Iditarod, and runs the popular “Fantasy Iditarod” game.
Dallas Seavey
Dallas Seavey5 time Iditarod Champ
Dallas become the youngest Iditarod Champion at age of 25 in 2012. He also was the youngest person to ever run the Iditarod, turning 18 the day before his rookie race. His main hobby is USA Wrestling and is Alaska’s first and only national champion wrestler. In 2008 Dallas’ daughter, Annie, was born. With the help of J.J. Keller, Dallas started his own kennel, and in 2011, Dallas ran (and won) his first Yukon Quest. After an incredible finish, Dallas won the 2014, 15, and 16 Iditarod races. After a few year hiatus, Dallas came back to win the Iditarod 2021 with the family’s best team, becoming one of two mushers to ever win the Iditarod 5 times.
CONway Seavey
CONway SeaveyThe Musician
Although Conway has racked up an impressive mushing record, including two Junior Iditarod Championships, his passion is in music. A singer, songwriter and producer, Conway spends his time writing and performing when he’s not helping out at the kennel. You can follow Conway and his music on his website at
Dan Seavey Sr.
Dan Seavey Sr.The OG
Dan Seavey has been mushing since coming to Alaska in 1963. In 1971 he joined forces with Joe Redington Sr., Tom Johnson and Gleo Huyck to put on a race across Alaska. After years of hard work, Dan took to the trail with 11 dogs and 36 mushers in the first Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. He now races on a decadal basis, most recently in 2012, where he finished 50th at age 74. Dan remains vital in the efforts to maintain and preserve the Iditarod National Historic Trail, and has passed his love for dog mushing to three more generations of Seaveys.
Allikz Seavey
Allikz SeaveyThe 4th Gen
Allikz,17, is the oldest of the 4th generation of Seavey mushers. She’s currently in charge of training the young dogs, and leads many of the tours. When not with the dogs, she’s singing, playing piano, or painting.